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After 15 years of offering design services, I've decided to consolidate all my offerings under one cohesive brand: Salty INKS. While clients may have known me for my à la carte designs in the past, my business has evolved and expanded over time. I realized the importance of a unified brand that truly captures the essence of my work and the comprehensive solutions I provide for businesses, whether they're starting up or rebranding.

The genesis of Salty INKS dates back to the COVID-19 pandemic when work slowed down, allowing me to focus on home projects. One such project was the redesign of my son's room, where I aimed for a beachy, modern, and locally inspired art. An image I snapped of a deserted beach road during a hurricane sparked an idea: to trace it and create a poster-sized print. And thus, Salty INKS was born.

Below, you'll find a glimpse of some recent works, with more updates to come as I continue to showcase the diverse range of designs and solutions that Salty INKS offers.

Stay tuned for more!

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